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Securing Storage Media: ISO 27001 Control 7.10

In the digital age, managing data storage media is of paramount importance for maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive information. ISO 27001 Control 7.10, "Storage Media," addresses this critical aspect of information security. Let's delve into the significance of this control and its role in ensuring that data stored on various media remain protected throughout their lifecycle.

Storage Media

Control 7.10 focuses on the comprehensive management of storage media, from acquisition to disposal. It highlights the necessity of handling storage devices – whether physical or digital – in a way that prevents unauthorised access, protects against data leakage, and ensures secure disposal to prevent data breaches.

Ensuring Data Security

Effective implementation of Control 7.10 involves a range of measures to safeguard storage media:

  • Classification and Labelling: Clearly categorise and label storage media based on the sensitivity of the data they contain. This helps in applying appropriate security measures.

  • Access Controls: Implement stringent access controls to ensure that only authorised personnel can access, modify, or transfer data stored on media.

  • Encryption: Utilize encryption to render data unreadable if the storage media falls into the wrong hands, providing an additional layer of security.

  • Disposal Protocols: Establish protocols for the secure disposal of storage media, ensuring data erasure or destruction beyond recovery.

Implementing Control 7.10

A robust implementation strategy involves:

  • Inventory Management: Maintain an updated inventory of all storage media, enabling efficient tracking and management.

  • User Training: Provide training to personnel on handling storage media securely, emphasizing the importance of data protection.

  • Secure Disposal: Develop procedures for the secure disposal of media, including degaussing, physical destruction, or secure wiping.

Personal Experience

In my role as an ISO 27001 consultant, I collaborated with a financial institution to implement Control 7.10. By introducing strict protocols for labeling, encryption, and secure disposal, we significantly reduced the risk of data breaches through lost or discarded media. This proactive approach not only fortified data security but also enhanced the organisation's compliance with industry regulations.


ISO 27001 Control 7.10 underscores the critical nature of securing storage media to prevent data breaches and unauthorised access. By effectively managing storage devices and implementing stringent controls, organisations can ensure that their sensitive information remains protected throughout its lifecycle. In an era where data breaches can have severe consequences, embracing Control 7.10 is essential for maintaining customer trust, complying with regulations, and upholding the integrity of sensitive data. Through meticulous management of storage media, organisations build a strong barrier against potential threats, positioning themselves as guardians of data security in an increasingly digital world.

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